Instruction to Authors

  1. The submitted article should be in English..
  2. Polish and other languages are exceptionally allowed in workshops and special sessions, if any.
  3. A manuscript should be 10-15 pages long. In special cases we accept longer papers.
  4. In order to perform double blind reviews please submit an anonymised paper.
  5. Authors' names and their affiliation should be removed from paper pdf. The Authors' names have to be presented only after the review process is complete.
  6. The organizers will acknowledge each article that comes in. The list of accepted articles and detailed terms of their presentations will be given in consecutive messages as well as on the conference website.
  7. Information about current status is accessible after logging in to the conference website with individual account.

Review Process

1.The papers are double blind reviewed by the members of the Program Committee. Information about reviewers is anonymous to the authors..

2.Conditions of paper acceptance into publication are derived from positive final review and paying the conference fee. Positive final review is given only when at least three reviews are positive and the total of points obtained during reviews is at least on the acceptance level.

3.When reviews are contradictory, i.e. the first one is at variance with the second and third, the fourth reviewer is appointed. For details look at the 'guidance for reviewer' document. Additionally, we have super-reviewers from IEEE and iNEER due to the technical patronage.

4.The acceptance rate for this edition is below 25-30% (the review points limit approx. 9/15).

ICRTC has received Conditional Acceptance from Springer's prestigious Communications in Computer and Information Science Conference proceedings series. It is planned to publish the selected papers of conference as a post-conference proceedings (subject to approval)